Enjoying some late arvo gardening after returning from a weekend trip to C’berra. Some spoils for 6 jars: natural bokashi liquid fertiliser & nasturtium seedlings for a bit of natural pest control as well as flowers for salad.
I also found out over the weekend that French Marigold is very good at getting rid of pests. Will let you know how that goes.
Additionally, good airflow can really reduce the flying pests. Pity my arms are so short that I have to stand on a chair to open & shut the windows.

After re-potting &/or pruning I also sprayed the leaves with Organix EcoGuard for some extra oomph. That’s where you really want the windows open (& where the afore-made smudge-sticks come into their own): peeee-ew!

If i need some excitement I might spray the foliage with my home-made natural insect repellent later. So look-out Darlo! I think that recipe will make it into a 6Jars soon as well.